From My Heart to Your Heart,

March 2017

Published February 28, 2017 by Janice Millirons Hayman in Heartbeat of Southside


One of our greatest comforts is the fact that God never changes.  Unless we realize that this truth includes His love – which He gives us no matter what – insecurities and feelings of unworthiness will rob us of the abundant life Jesus promised.  Yet many Christians struggle with doubts because they see such convincing “proof” that they’re not lovable.  They are bombarded with thoughts like “Just look at what I’ve done, how I’ve treated people, the way I’ve wasted my life.  How could the Lord ever forgive me and use me for His purposes?”  The problem is that we assume He loves us in the same way we love each other.  Our feelings for others continually change, but that’s not the way the Lord operates!

The fact that God loves us is undeniable.  He says so in His Word and demonstrates it through His Son.  Whenever we wallow in our own unworthiness and rehearse the reasons He couldn’t possibly love us, we display unbelief.  Sometimes we must simply accept His care for us by faith.  The more we choose to believe the Lord instead of our feelings, the stronger our certainty of His love will become.  Then when faith sets us free from these doubts, we’ll experience the fruitful, joyful life God has planned for us!


Pastor Randy