From My Heart to Your Heart,

September 2017

Published September 7, 2017 by Janice Millirons Hayman in Heartbeat of Southside


When your alarm clock goes off, what is the first thought that pops into your head? Are you excited to face the day, or do you wake up groaning and anxious to get it over with? As God’s children, we can always choose to rejoice, because He is in control of whatever situation awaits us.

The key to confidence is focus. If we fix our attention on our circumstances, then anxiety and discouragement will most likely follow. But when we focus on the Lord and His power to deliver us, we can rise to meet any challenge because our confidence is not in ourselves, but in His promises.

Genuine, godly confidence is based on our personal relationship with Jesus. Since nothing can separate us from His love, we are never alone in our struggles (Romans 8:38-39). What’s more, He promises to empower us with divine strength and supply everything we need to achieve whatever He requires (Philippians 4:19). When we truly believe this, there is no reason for worry or fear!

If you’re burdened with worry or dread, draw near to God in prayer. Pour out your concerns to Him and refocus your mind on Jesus and His promises. When you make Him your first thought, you can meet anything with confidence!