Published October 3, 2017 by Janice Millirons Hayman in Associate Pastor Article

2 Peter 3:14-18

“but grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To Him be glory both now and for ever.  Amen.”  2 Peter 3:18

Nothing compares to the joy of seeing and hearing your newborn child or grandchild for the first time!  That living, breathing child is a miracle of God’s creation powers.  It thrills your heart to know that great plans, great opportunities, and great potential are all wrapped up in that wonderful bundle of joy.  As a parent or grandparent, you covet the very best that God has in store for that little girl or boy.  You desire that his or her life will be spent in serving the Lord.

The apostle Peter wants us to keep on growing in the knowledge of Jesus.  There is so much to learn about our precious Lord and Savior.  Every day brings new opportunities to experience more of His grace, more of His knowledge, more of His wisdom, and more of His strength.  We dig deeper and deeper into God’s Word and find new treasures.  We pray in faith believing that God hears us, and are confident by what happens in our lives, that He does hear us.

When we look at our children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, we expect them to grow and develop in every way possible.  We want them to accomplish many things every day of their lives.  Growth is wonderful and we love celebrating their birthdays, and marvel how fast the time goes by, and how fast they grow up.

God was excited when you became a newborn Christian, accepting Christ as your Savior.  He is also excited to watch you grow and develop, each and every day, as His child.  Keep on growing in the Lord.

Lord, help me never forget that you provide every way possible for me to grow as a Christian.  Thank you for being my loving, heavenly Father, and helping me to grow in my faith every day.