Ladies Share & Prayer 10AM

Wills & Estate Seminar 6:30PM – 7:45PM


“Get Your House in Order – Taking Care of Tomorrow Today”

There will be a seminar/workshop at the church February 9th and 16th on “Wills and Estate Planning” that is offered to our church members and their guests at no cost.  Mike Morgan from the Florida Baptist Foundation will be hosting this event on both dates.
Thursday, February 9th, a catered dinner will be provided at 6 PM before the seminar/workshop begins. [Dinner reservation deadline is February 2nd.]  Mike will start with introductions and then lead into wills and estate planning according to Biblical principles and standards. Mike will return February 16th to have a one-on-one with those who may have questions or need extra help.
For more information or if you want to be part of these two workshops, contact Rick Hollis at You may want to consider signing up if you feel you need to make changes to your will.  There will be questions and comments during this special event.

Southside Baptist Church