Outreach Ministry and Mission Opportunities

Each month we as a church help to support missionaries in Zambia, Africa as well as Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child. We also support the Servant’s Heart Ministry and Child Evangelism Fellowship, both local ministries.  One more outreach we participate in is Ron and Marilyn Leonard who work with our military returning from serving overseas.

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is an organization that is reaching elementary school age children with the Gospel through after school and summer Bible Clubs.

We are happy to add our support to Ron and Marilyn Leonard along with their therapy dog Molly.  They are part of Canines for Christ and also are dedicated to helping our servicemen and women who are dealing with PTSD after returning from their service to our country.

We also support Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child by filling shoe boxes to be distributed throughout the world.  All year long we collect items to fill these boxes.  In November they are sent to Samaritan’s Purse and from there the boxes are shipped worldwide.  Included in each of the boxes is information about Jesus and His gift of salvation printed in the language of the country they are being sent to.  The following is a list of the items we collect all year long: toys such as balls, slinky, jump ropes, small cars, puzzles, paddle ball, dolls, stuffed animals, crayons, and coloring books.  We can also use combs, brushes, hair clips and barrettes, socks and T-shirts, soap and wash cloths.  Please no liquids.

In 2016, Pastor Randy challenged us as a church to fill 500 boxes – each month, a list of  ‘suggested items’ was proposed and we were able to prepare and ship 308 boxes!!! Praise God for all who participated!

In 2017, Nancy Seiple took over the Operation Christmas Child effort; it has been a passion of hers for years! Thank God for her willingness to serve! The items suggested that will help us fulfill that goal are as follows: (UPDATED for 2017 due to new customs regulations – NO toothpaste, candy or gum allowed.)

January – coloring books and crayons/February – soap and wash cloths/March – small toys for boys/April – small toys for girls/May – stuffed animals or dolls/June – writing pads or journals/July – hair brushes, combs, hair bows, hats/August – school supplies/September – misc. items for boys or girls (flashlights, puzzles, playing cards, etch-a-sketch/October – open items – we’re short of to fulfill our goal!  And this year we are having a Christmas shoe box packing party where everyone can help!!!   Any items for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes can be given to Miss Nancy anytime throughout the year; there will be a large bin on the table to the left in the vestibule for donated items any time. Please be mindful of the size of the boxes and donate items that can be combined with many others to fill the boxes!

Elizabeth Ratliff is a missionary to the people of Zambia including prison inmates. She is so grateful for our prayers in addition to her financial support. We also collect food items and other things that are impossible to get where she is. Suggested items for Elizabeth are: Splenda packets, sugar-free jello, sugar free chocolate pudding (not instant), sugar-free gum, pecans, walnuts, dried cranberries (like cranraisins), dry black beans and black eyed peas, Folgers singles (decaf and caffeinated), canned pumpkin, Jiffy extra crunchy peanut butter and zip lock gallon size freezer bags. She is also asking for Sesame Street or Christian books for toddlers.

Each Saturday two to four people from Southside assist Servant’s Heart by delivering boxes of groceries to those who are in need. If you would like to donate items for the boxes the most needed items are bathroom tissue and powdered milk (packages with individual pouches are best). Canned goods and nonperishable items are also needed. For information on participating in delivering the groceries, please see Lori Sunday. Monetary donations which enable Servant’s Heart to buy chickens to be delivered with the canned goods are also appreciated. If you would like to contribute to the Food Ministries program there are boxes setup for donations in the room to the left of the vestibule. Any items listed above are greatly appreciated!