For the entire month of January, we will be collecting used, good condition clothing for women and men working at the Osceola Fair

Event Date: January 31, 2018 Time: 10:30 AM Location: Fellowship Hall
Address: Southside Baptist Church

We are now collecting used, clean, good condition women’s and men’s clothing (shoes, socks, new underwear, pants, shirts, blouses, winter coats, hats, etc) for the carnies at the Osceola Fair along with hygiene kit items such as soap, toothpaste, washcloths, etc.

The fair is in February and the deadline is the first Sunday in February (2/4/18) to have these items at our church so that they can be taken to Brian and Suzette Wood of Rock Ministries.  

Please put your donations in the large boxes inside the flower room just as you enter the sanctuary. Brian and Suzette use the items we give each year to minister to the physical needs of the carnies and as a result, they have many, many opportunities to share Jesus’ love and the plan of salvation with them around meal times at the Rock Ministries tent and food truck and on Sunday mornings at the services they conduct at the fairgrounds!  

Talk about ministry!  And remember, as you give your items, you can have a part of this timely Christ-filled service right along with Brian and Suzette!

God bless you as you minister in Christ’s name this way! Kathy and I will take your donations of clothing and hygiene kits to Brian and Suzette on Sunday, February 4, after choir practice that day!

Pray, pray, pray that many, many of the carnies will accept Jesus as Savior this year!

Pastor Richard