Event Date: September 30, 2018 Time: NA Location:


Jeremy, Christina and Nathan

Serving in Bible Translation in Oaxaca, Mexico

Jeremy will be studying Greek and the Theory and Practice of Translation this fall. Since these are classes Christina has already taken, what will Christina be doing in Dallas? Working with Mixtec, Greek, and Spanish! We will take advantage of the childcare services provided on campus so that Christina can spend time analyzing recorded Mixtec texts, brushing up on New Testament Greek, and possibly helping to translate some Branch documents into Spanish so that Spanish speakers can join the work in Mexico without needing to learn English. All these things are critical to the Bible translation task in Mexico!

The corn field is ready to harvest! Thank you for those who have just joined us in the effort to help end Bible poverty. We have reached the minimum budget set by Wycliffe for our ministry! There is room for more partners, however. Wycliffe sets a minimum budget for its members to ensure they have enough to cover basic living and ministry expenses, but when partners give beyond that minimum, it enables us to do more in our ministry – things like hire more language helpers and translators, produce more literacy materials, invite more native speakers to workshops, and providing for physical needs in the village. We ask you to prayerfully consider whether God would have you join our team through prayer and/or finances.